Strong Sun Moon Workshops

Thursday, June 23rd 1994 Tomorrow’s weather: cloudy with thunderstorms in the afternoon, rain all night. Oh, good grief! Tomorrow is the workshop and it’s going to rain. It rained last year at this workshop. I pick one night out of the whole year for a workshop and it’s going to rain. Oh well, I guess […]

Stones as Spirit Helpers

Paul Sivert on the power in the rocks and stones of Mother Earth… The Shaman communicates with all creatures – stones, animals, or plants – because of respect. In the communication process respect is a key ingredient, which influences the effectiveness of the message.¬†Discover the power for yourself by learning how to communicate with the […]

Soul Retrieval – The Journey to Wholeness

Paul Sivert on symptoms and situations of soul loss and the shamanic healing ceremony to return what was lost… Sandra Ingerman has written an excellent book on the topic Soul Retrieval – Mending the Fragmented Self. I will also comment on my personal experiences of having my soul loss returned to me and the many […]

Shamanism in the ’90s

Paul Sivert on his early path of shamanism… More and more often people ask me, “Are you a shaman?” or address me as a shaman. Sometimes I’m a little taken back by this event because, on one hand, I have spent a lot of time, energy, and money to learn and practice shamanism. However, I […]

Sacred Teachings of Life

Paul Sivert on Shamanism… Shamanism is ageless and it provided healing before time and shall do so again in the future, though often times it has been hidden from mainstream society generally because of its earthliness. Shamanism bridges the gap between duality – masculine/feminine; light/dark; positive/negative – with its application of love. Love, in the […]

Reflection of Time

Paul Sivert on his becoming and Shaman and the Shaman’s Ladder… To say I have been always a ‘willing’ participant in my studies and practices of Shamanism would be quite an exaggeration. Though I have felt a strong connection with the topic, sometimes I’ve resisted becoming fully involved. However, I never gave up on the […]

The Path I Took to Heal Myself

By Angelie Blesse As a single parent with a difficult relationship with my ex and many previous years of physical and mental abuse by him, I had been living a horror of child custody cases. I held uncontrollable anger at him for mistreatment, broken faith, and abuse toward myself and my young daughter. His Court […]

A Process to Healing

Paul Sivert on forgiveness and trust… There are perhaps countless methods or processes to heal. In the article “Why We Cling to Our Wounds”, Dr Caroline Myss offers her own intuitive awareness on this subject, which I am going to expand upon. Healing is a day to day process, an attitude, a method to relive […]

Power of Prayer

The following is a story from an article “The Wisdom of Native American Elders” from Shaman’s Drum #34, Spring 1994… This true story reminds us of the importance of honoring the power of prayer. In addition it is equally important to honor our own karmic path. Arvol Looking Horse, Keeper of the Sacred Pipe Arvol […]

Most Common Questions About Past Life Therapy

Paul Sivert on PLT… What is Past Life Therapy (PLT)? PLT is an experiential form of counseling. Basically, it involves the client re-experiencing unconscious memories and interrogating those rediscovered feelings, thoughts, and events into the here and now. The counselor facilitates the experience by focusing the client and experiencing – with the client – those […]

Journey to the Plant People

On October 8th 2000, Paul Sivert completed the ceremonial initiation of the practice of the Pampamesayoqs taught by Jose Luis Herrera and Denise A Kinch. The Pampamesayoq is considered – in the Andean Medicine Traditions – to be the steward of the land who participates in a synchronous relationship with the earth cycles and understands […]

Journey Through the Realms of Death

Paul Sivert on life after death… Have you thought about what happens when you die? I know you have, especially if you’re twenty years old or older. Teenagers believe they are immortal; they don’t think about death. But something happens when we get a little older, especially when certain life events are in our past […]

Overcoming Resistance to Reclaim One’s Higher Purpose

Foreword by Paul Sivert… The story you are about to read is real and it may seem familiar to many of you. Its familiarity may trigger your own awarenesses of pain, trauma, and a feeling of loss that we come to realize exists in our natural essence. In the shamanic healing traditions we call this […]

Legend of the Eagle and Condor

Paul Sivert processing the fulfillment of the legend… The Dream Change Coalition and the Omega Institute for Holistic Studies presented a weekend workshop to celebrate the fulfillment of the Legend of the Eagle and Condor. This legend anticipates the union of the materialistic “North” (Eagle) Mind and the spiritual “South” (Condor) Heart. The union forming […]

Remembering Peace

Paul Sivert’s prayer for those who sacrifice so much to defend the liberty we enjoy… May the Great Spirit send you the forces of nature to protect you and all you do for so many others. You shall be guided by the Infinite Divine in your thoughts and actions to champion freedom for all. Blessed […]

The Rebirth of Shamanism

Paul Sivert on Neoshamanism… This article is to dispel the myth that the practices of Shamanism of 2000 AD are the same as the tribal practices of anciet history. They are not. In fact, Shamanism as a spiritual healing and enlightenment tool was almost forgotten by modern society until rediscovered by archeologists first and psychologists […]

Shamanism and Mysticism

Paul Sivert dedicates this entry to my fellow retreatants at Omega, especially Jim, Teresa, and Beltina; may your faith in prayer carry you to the light you seek and deserve, and especially to our teacher, Ed Zogby. Insecurity and violence end when we experience an inner connection with divine energy within, a connection described by […]

Middle World Journey

Paul Sivert on Shamanic Journeying… In preparation for a workshop, I did a shamanic journey to receive pertinent information, either content or process. It is part of the preparation process that I was completing. The workshop was educational and experimental, focusing on Edgar Cayce – the psychic and medical telepathist – and comparing/contrasting his techniques […]

Journey Notes

Paul Sivert on Shamanic Journeying… The Shamanic journey is the most important prevalent technique of the Shaman. In fact, one of the definitions of Shaman is the ability to journey. Basically, a shamanic journey is a willful shift of consciousness to another dimension or world. The following is a description of a journey I took […]

Journey to the Crash Site

Paul Sivert on psychopomp… When I took a training program concerning Shamanism and Death, I learned about a technique called psychpomp. The objective of this procedure is to locate a stranded spirit and take that spirit to a better place in the realms of death. I have completed this type of shamanic journey many times. […]