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Stones as Spirit Helpers

Paul Sivert on the power in the rocks and stones of Mother Earth… The Shaman communicates with all creatures – stones, animals, or plants – because of respect. In the communication process respect is a key ingredient, which influences the effectiveness of the message. Discover the power for yourself by learning how to communicate with the […]

Soul Retrieval – The Journey to Wholeness

Paul Sivert on symptoms and situations of soul loss and the shamanic healing ceremony to return what was lost… Sandra Ingerman has written an excellent book on the topic Soul Retrieval – Mending the Fragmented Self. I will also comment on my personal experiences of having my soul loss returned to me and the many […]

Sacred Teachings of Life

Paul Sivert on Shamanism… Shamanism is ageless and it provided healing before time and shall do so again in the future, though often times it has been hidden from mainstream society generally because of its earthliness. Shamanism bridges the gap between duality – masculine/feminine; light/dark; positive/negative – with its application of love. Love, in the […]

Reflection of Time

Paul Sivert on his becoming and Shaman and the Shaman’s Ladder… To say I have been always a ‘willing’ participant in my studies and practices of Shamanism would be quite an exaggeration. Though I have felt a strong connection with the topic, sometimes I’ve resisted becoming fully involved. However, I never gave up on the […]

A Process to Healing

Paul Sivert on forgiveness and trust… There are perhaps countless methods or processes to heal. In the article “Why We Cling to Our Wounds”, Dr Caroline Myss offers her own intuitive awareness on this subject, which I am going to expand upon. Healing is a day to day process, an attitude, a method to relive […]

Most Common Questions About Past Life Therapy

Paul Sivert on PLT… What is Past Life Therapy (PLT)? PLT is an experiential form of counseling. Basically, it involves the client re-experiencing unconscious memories and interrogating those rediscovered feelings, thoughts, and events into the here and now. The counselor facilitates the experience by focusing the client and experiencing – with the client – those […]

Journey Through the Realms of Death

Paul Sivert on life after death… Have you thought about what happens when you die? I know you have, especially if you’re twenty years old or older. Teenagers believe they are immortal; they don’t think about death. But something happens when we get a little older, especially when certain life events are in our past […]

The Rebirth of Shamanism

Paul Sivert on Neoshamanism… This article is to dispel the myth that the practices of Shamanism of 2000 AD are the same as the tribal practices of anciet history. They are not. In fact, Shamanism as a spiritual healing and enlightenment tool was almost forgotten by modern society until rediscovered by archeologists first and psychologists […]

Journey to the Crash Site

Paul Sivert on psychopomp… When I took a training program concerning Shamanism and Death, I learned about a technique called psychpomp. The objective of this procedure is to locate a stranded spirit and take that spirit to a better place in the realms of death. I have completed this type of shamanic journey many times. […]

From Their Inner Wombs

Expanded Translations of Mathew 3:7, Peshitta of the Gospels… Ripe are those who from their inner wombs birth mercy; they shall sense the relief of all prayers answered. Ripe are those who from their inner wounds, birth compassion; they shall feel the delivery of unconditional love. Ripe are those who from their inner wombs birth […]

Hawaiian Shamanism

Paul Sivert on Hawaiian shamanic traditions and principles… The word shaman is derived from the Tungusic language of Siberia and is used as a convenient term by scientists and laymen to describe the practitioner of shamanism. In the Hawaiian language the term is kupua, a healer of relationships between mind and body, between people, between […]


Paul Sivert on the importance of Grounding… An essential technique for studying and performing shamanic-type exercises is the capability to ground yourself. The following is a method of grounding yourself, written by Jose and Lena Stevens in their book Secrets of Shamanism. Begin by relaxing and closing your eyes. Take a couple if deep breaths. Then […]

The Great Invocation

Adapted by Paul Sivert, this is a great prayer to use on a regular basis… From the point of Light within the Mind of God Let the light stream forth into the minds of men & women Let Light descend on earth. From the point of Love within the Heart of God Let love stream […]

Death and Dying

Paul Sivert following his advanced training in shamanism on the topic of death and dying… I learned how to deal with the issue of death and dying from a shamanic perspective. The training experience was incredible and is detailed in another article, “Journey Through the Realms of Death.” However, I learned several skills which may […]

Dream Corner

Paul Sivert on dream interpretation… Dream #1 This Dream Corner is about a request to contact an individual who had recently died. Anne came to me and reported her grandmother had died suddenly in an accident. Anne is aware of the multiple worlds we have contact with and asked me to conduct a psychopomp for […]

Divination and the Shaman’s Art of Seeing

Paul Sivert after completing the Four Winds Masters training in Divination… I participated in a six day training program to bring a greater understanding and to increase my skill level to see what is being created in the world with all of its magic and mystery. As many of you know, I have practiced the […]

The Chumpi Initiation

The Chumpi Initiation is performed as a closing ceremonial exercise for each student who completes the intensive training program titled Essentials of Shamanism, presented by Paul Sivert of the Shamanic Healing Institute… I have studied and practiced the spiritual healing arts of shamanism, especially those practiced in the Andes Mountains and Amazon Region of South […]

Celtic Festivals

Paul Sivert on Celtic influence on shamanism… Beltaine May 1 was the great festival, Beltaine. This holiday marked the beginning of summer. Keep in mind the Celts were an agricultural people, so it was important for them to recognize the seasons in accordance with the natural growing seasons. Therefore, Beltaine was the beginning of the […]

The Buddha Connection

Paul Sivert on Buddhism… My fascination in Buddhism began early in my spiritual education and training. I still study the concepts because of their application in my life. Below is a short but powerful text regarding The Four Noble Truths. This is from Andrew Harvey’s book Mystics: The Soul’s Journey into Truth. The Four Noble Truths […]

American Indian Medicine Path

Paul Sivert on shamanic connections to the American Indian… This article is an adoption of information contained in American Indian Ceremonies by Medicine Hawk and Grey Cat, Inner Light Publications, 1990. There are a number of works linked to Native American beliefs and practices which have been widely used without care as to exactly what […]