Shamanic Healing Services



The Shamanic Healing Institute is open to all people who seek guidance, healing, or relief from spiritual unrest manifested in mental, emotional, or physical symptoms. SHI provides healing services using techniques selected by the Shamanic Practitioner for their effectiveness and synergistic effect for the client.

Healing services are held by appointment at the Shamanic Healing Institute or, with special circumstances, at your location. Shamanic Practitioners are available for appointments throughout the week.

To schedule a healing session please contact a practitioner by direct email, the contact form below, or by leaving a message on the phone number provided.

Messages are checked daily. We attempt to respond to all inquries within 48 hours.

  • Office Phone: 410-409-5098

What are others saying?

We already know the power of shamanism, but it is always best to hear the testimonials from others.

As a former skeptic of Shamanism, I am continually amazed at the effectiveness of the Paul’s techniques. I have now been studying Shamanism under Paul. I considered myself to be a healthy, happy, and effective person before looking into Shamanism. Since I have integrated Shamanism into my life I feel that I am more efficient, more purposeful, and more aware of the world I live in. My work and life performance have improved. A new dimension has opened up for me.


I attended your workshop at the Natural Living Expo. I wanted to thank you again and to mention that, on my spiritual path, I have come across many “shamans”. Almost all of them were fake. You, however, I got a very good vibe from and I thoroughly enjoyed how you opened and closed in prayer. Not many do. I felt the strength in your methods and the medicine flow around the room when you entered and began.


Paul was the first person who wasn’t daunted by the fact that I had only terrifying body memories; no words for what happened to me in childhood. He very skillfully, working alongside his spirit guides, retrieved my lost soul parts returning my memories and voice to me. Because of Paul’s unwavering faith and confidence as a shaman and my perseverance in “coming back” I now have a life.