Mesa Carriers from all traditions are welcome!! 

The SHI-sponsored Ayllu is a community of Mesa Carriers which was formed in April of 2005. The Ayllu comes together to celebrate in ceremony, to explore the sacred teachings of the Andean cosmology, and to practice healing service to each other, the greater community, and the planet.

The Ayllu meets monthly, schedules an annual nature retreat, and coordinates special events throughout the calendar year. The goal of the Ayllu is to regularly participate in Ayllu gatherings to strengthen shamanic practices as individuals and as the collective.

Mesa carriers are invited to consider annual membership in the SHI Ayllu to receive discounts on healing sessions and workshops. Your membership is the first step in a greater commitment to shamanic service to yourself and to the greater community. Individual membership is $375 and family (couples who are both mesa carriers) membership is $650.

Monthly Ayllu gatherings are typically the 2nd Wednesday of each month. The annual retreat is typically scheduled for September, the weekend after Labor Day.

Submit the Full $375 Individual Payment

Submit the Full $650 Family Payment

Submit the Full $175 Partial Payment (for mid-year memberships)