Shamanic Healing Services

Types of Healing Ceremony

The Divination Ceremony is a reading of the client’s soul or luminous energy body. The Shamanic Practitioner will present information about your past, present, and future. Subjects most often brought into consciousness are: spiritual growth, finances, health, relationships, career, past lives, relocation, soul’s purpose, and soul wounds. The client is afforded the opportunity to ask specific questions to the Spirit World through the Shamanic Practitioner.

Divination is available by appointment in the office or in distance healing format via phone or Zoom.

The Saywa Healing Ceremony removes an imprint and gifts the client an illuminating saywa or healing light energy. The Shamanic Practitioner, with some background information from the client, identifies the imprint which no longer serves the client. It can be a thought form, an emotion or feeling, or a physical symptom. The ceremony removes the energetic imprint and then the Shamanic Practitioner gifts one of the illuminating healing light energies to the client: life force, wisdom, truth, munay (love and beauty), spirit, embodiment, or oneness.

Saywa Healing is available by appointment in the office or in distance healing format via phone or Zoom.

The Extraction Ceremony removes an interfering energy that manifests as the existence of a chronic condition, most often in physical form, within the individual. The Shamanic Practitioner performs a healing ceremony to remove the spiritual intrusions (surface attachments), entities (manifestations of negative energy), and ghosts (a soul who did not pass into a higher dimension when the physical body died).

An Extraction can be performed on homes and businesses, as interfering energies may find residence in buildings.

Extraction is available by appointment in the office or in distance healing format via phone or Zoom.

Curses are real. Sometimes a person becomes aware that a source outside of their immediate awareness is victimizing them through interfering energies. A curse might also be directed onto us by another individual wishing to harm us. Sadly, we can also effectively curse ourselves with negative words and behaviors.

The Curse Removal Ceremony removes the energic manifestation of the curse in the client, terminates the curse from the source, and returns power and protection to the client.

The Soul Retrieval Ceremony heals soul loss by gifting soul elements, medicine gifts, and a power spirit to the client. The Soul Retrieval Ceremony is a healing process that returns the soul’s energy – the essence of you – and what is energetically ‘yours’ back to you.

Indication for soul retrieval is soul loss. Soul loss may be expressed by a person as feeling or thinking that ‘something is missing’. In general, the client does not feel whole or they feel empty inside. Though they know something is missing, they do not know how to get it back regardless of attempts using other therapies or intervention strategies. Behavioral health intervention does not heal soul loss.

Soul wounds occurs due to traumatic experiences in a person’s life that result when their soul shuts off a portion of its essence causing dissonance within the luminous light body. That energetic loss of soul can be felt in some way by most people, though finding words to explain the feeling is often difficult. At times, someone may make an erroneous or unconscious bargain to give a piece of their soul away in exchange for what is perceived as necessary to their survival. Reasons to bargain might include love, attention, protection, or safety. It is important to understand that these decisions – in the moment – are not usually thought to effect the person at the soul level and may not be made consciously. They may also occur at a very young age when a conceptual understanding of the bargain being made has not formed. Additionally, a person may not remember when a piece of their soul was taken or ‘lost’ to another.

Soul loss may occur in the present life or may be carried into this life from a past life. It is safe to say that most people will incur some amount of soul loss throughout their lifetime, though most often it is outside of the person’s awareness.

Traditionally, it is universally accepted that only Shamanic Practitioners initiated into a Shamanic tradition and trained in the application of soul retrieval ceremony are qualified to perform soul retrievals. It is not recommended to attempt this procedure without a depth and breadth of knowledge of indigenous medicine. Different landscapes are available to retrieve the missing energy of a person’s soul. It is the knowledge and responsibility of the Shamanic Practitioner to know what landscape(s) of the Spirit World to journey to on behalf of the client. The Shamanic Practitioner journeys into the appropriate landscapes to retrieve and gift the energies to the client.

Soul Retrieval Ceremony is a healing process that brings positive mental, emotional, and physical outcomes to the client. It often takes more than one session to accomplish. The Soul Retrieval Ceremony can provide incredible wonderful life changing outcomes that may continue to unfold for years. The Soul Retrieval Ceremony has the potential to heal and change your life now.

Soul Retrieval is available by appointment in the office or in distance healing format via phone or Zoom.

Past Life Regression heals a karmic lesson by utilizing past life, age, pre-natal, or dreamtime regression. The regression technique is proven to be an effective method to access memories from the unconsciousness that – when processed in conjunction with a healing ceremony – creates a shift in consciousness.

We are connected to the ancestors through biology, territory, and spirit. We are a result of their genes, karma, and soul’s development. Some cultures place little emphasis on the awareness of our ancestral tree, yet we are a leaf on that larger tree. Healing the wounds of our ancestors is a transforming spiritual quest we can undertake to help heal our ancestors as well as heal ourselves.

To stop a karmic pattern of dis-ease in your family is a true soul’s purpose through ancestral healing. The Shamanic Practitioner utilizes the wisdom and direction of their own healed Ancestors to facilite the healing ceremony. The Shamanic Journey is an important tool for this ceremony.

The Munay-Ki are the 9 Rites of Initiation to become a person of power and wisdom. The Rites originated in the collective body of knowledge of Shamanism. The Rites transform and upgrade the luminous light body – your soul’s energy body. Munay-Ki is available to everyone who has engaged their path of spiritual enlightenment. The 9 Rites are presented in ceremony over 3 sessions.

Distance Healing utilizes an energetic healing process where the Shamanic Practitioner is in one location and the client is in another. The Shamanic Practitioner – with their spirit guides – will determine if a ceremony would be effective through Distance Healing. Because the Shamanic Practitioner is familiar with connecting energetically through the Spirit World, ceremony may be conducted remotely with confidence that the client will receive full benefit of the ceremony. Many healing ceremonies can be adapted to the distance healing format, including: Divination, Soul Retrieval, the Extraction, Saywa Healing, and Shamanic Journey.

Distance Healing is available via phone or Zoom.

The Despacho Ceremony is an offering for a specific intention. SHI conducts despacho ceremonies to:

  • honor Pachamama (Mother Earth)
  • honor the Apus (Spirit of the Mountains) and Stars
  • honor Ayni (sacred reciprocity)
  • honor the change of season
  • sell a business, home, land, or vehicle
  • attract a new relationship
  • end a bad relationship
  • change a negative situation
  • attract a new home, business, or job
  • celebrate a happy occasion
  • bring good luck and love to yourself

Special ceremonies can be customized or created for almost any rite of passage or life event.

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