SHI offers Workshops to introduce and supplement shamanic principles and practices to every day life. Workshops are open to all, regardless of level of shamanic knowledge, understanding, or practice. All workshops have an associated fee.

Please monitor the SHI Calendar for workshop schedules and other event and class offerings.

Introduction to Andean Shamanism

This wisdom-based, experiential workshop introduces participants to Cross-Cultural Shamanism, Andean Cosmology, and Energy Medicine. Participants will learn about Kawsay – the living energy – and its components, hucha and sami. This workshop also contains information about the three rules of living from the Q’ero people – their three aspects of life – and their totem animal spirit guides. Participants will experience a shamanic journey – a willful shift in consciousness – and an energy medicine healing. Participants will journey to one of the three major spirit worlds and meet a spirit guide. Spiritual rituals will help participants open their abilities to perceive healing energy.

Nine Temples of the Heart

This 5-session series is all about knowledge and healing. Participants will create a Munay Mesa (Love Mesa) connecting them to the 5th Chamber of the Heart and the Nine Temples inside. Participants will explore how to use their munay (the energy of love and beauty) to develop a deeper connection to their own nature and who they are becoming on a soul level. Participants will experience healing ceremony, meditations, and shamanic journey to deepen their understanding of the energy within their own heart.

 Shamanism and the Nine Dimensions

This 4-session series connects participants to the higher dimensional healing energies now available to us. The classes will feature shamanic healing ceremonies designed to provide maximum shifts in consciousness and further evolve the soul. Participants will be encouraged to integrate the Dimensions into the art of perceiving the new world where we reside.

Shamanism and the Angels of Love and Light

Shamans and Angels have been partners in healing relationship since before recorded history. As we visit and work with the upper world, many of us encounter angels on our journeys. This 3-session class will build on the current understanding of the Angelic Realm and assist in receiving guidance. Participants will build a relationship with ‘their’ angel(s) to learn how to manifest the healing light of the Angelic Realm and use it in practical application of expanding the luminous light of our soul.

Participants will be led through a series of transcendent experiences designed to maximize their spiritual relationship with our Angelic brothers and sisters. You may choose to develop the relationship into a form of collaboration of the highest level to embody the angelic light to your mission of service to others. You will receive the 5th Dimension Soul Initiation, the activation of your 12-energy center soul body.

The Shadow

This experiential workshop is designed for participants to meet their shadow self. Participants will engage their shadow in a series of spiritual healing exercises designed to develop an ongoing relationship with the shadow and to bring integration of the duality of our soul. No prior shamanic or shadow work is necessary.