Judy Pohl

Judy Pohl is a Shamanic Practitioner whose healing technique is spiritually guided by a group of seven elders called “The Grandmothers”. At a very early age Judy had an affinity for Native American culture and The Grandmothers are of Native American origin.

As a lactation consultant Judy assists a new parent through the sometimes uncomfortable, discouraging, and rewarding early stages of parenthood. Judy practices a shamanic model devoted to assisting new souls enter the world and souls searching for a home, especially following acts of terror or natural disasters. With her shamanic approach, she and The Grandmothers quickly identify with others through deep-seeded parental desires and instincts.

She has received the initiations of the Pampamesayoq (Steward of the Earth), Altomesayoq (Practitioner of the People’s Medicine), Munay Ki Rites, Hatun Karpay (Munay Karpay)

Judy practices the advanced training taught at the Shamanic Healing Institute. Her shamanic practice nurtures her natural propensity to help others progress to health and wellness. She has an unyielding commitment to meet challenges, celebrations, ailments, and solutions.

Judy is a quick wit, friendly, and deeply intuitive. Judy heals through ceremony, listening, discussion, and her connection to The Grandmothers. She will introduce you to your own spiritual support system so you can develop heart-centered relationships.