Paul Sivert on forgiveness and trust…

There are perhaps countless methods or processes to heal. In the article “Why We Cling to Our Wounds”, Dr Caroline Myss offers her own intuitive awareness on this subject, which I am going to expand upon. Healing is a day to day process, an attitude, a method to relive ourselves from the pain and suffering from past trauma, programming, and wounds. Of course, the healing I am speaking about is the healing we manifest in the spiritual body, also known as our etheric body. We have the capability to cause a change in the etheric body that will result in a corresponding change in our emotional, mental, and physical bodies.

Dr Myss describes the first step to healing as forgiveness. I do not think we can overemphasize the importance of forgiving someone that has hurt us. When we are able to forgive from our hearts with integrity, we experience a release of condemnation of others and, sometimes, ourselves too. The result is an awareness of empowerment and wholeness. I have felt this awareness myself and many of my clients describe this phenomenon as a freeing or uplifting (emotional or spiritual) experience during or after a healing session. Sometimes the forgiveness experience is the first tangible outcome to their healing process.

Another important aspect of the healing process requires an amount of trust. You need to have trust and faith in the process that you are going to be well and happy, a sometimes foreign concept to an individual who has lived in (and with) their wounds for many years. My suggestion to clients who struggle with their cycle of repeating their woundedness is to create a vision of who they want to become. I ask the patient to clarify their values, beliefs, goals, and make a plan for success. Sometimes the hardest decision is to identify what you want when you are not bound to the legacy of your woundedness.

My work as a shamanic practitioner is to provide to the client a healing in their etheric body which causes a corresponding shift in their thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. This change in attitude can sometimes trigger fear as well as relief and happiness. The fear that is triggered is often viewed by the patient as a failure on their part and the healing process they are using. It is vital to remember that you must commit yourself to he healing process and continue to apply it as “deeper wounds” are revealed.

Dr Myss stated, “Have people witness your wound no more than three times.” Remember, you are constantly changing. Healing your body, mind, and spirit is a process that goes on throughout life on an everyday basis. I send peace and wellness to you in your pursuit to be whole.