Paul Sivert on PLT…

What is Past Life Therapy (PLT)?

PLT is an experiential form of counseling. Basically, it involves the client re-experiencing unconscious memories and interrogating those rediscovered feelings, thoughts, and events into the here and now. The counselor facilitates the experience by focusing the client and experiencing – with the client – those feelings, thoughts, and events. The counselor also helps the client associate and integarte the regression experience into the present so the future can be different or changed.

What is regression?

Regression is the client’s processing of their unconscious memories. There are two major techniques used in regression. One is hypnosis, which unfortunately places the client in a trance and data is collected only by the hypnotist. The preferred method is without hypnosis, using a focusing technique so the client will experience the regression process. Counselors using the focusing technique believe the client is already in trance, so hypnosis only puts the client deeper into trance, when the goal is to have the client become more coscious, more insightful, and more in control of their life, therefore less trance-like.

Who Does PLT?

There are two major groups that do PLT. Hypnotists are by far the largest group of practitioners of PLT. Their experience lies in being able to have a client relax, go into trance and provide suggestions to stimulate past life recall. This is an excellent technique to retrieve data and learn about a past life. The other group are professional holistic counselors and mental health professionals who have been trained in traditional psychology and/or social work, spiritual counseling, and PLT. This group has been trained in past life therapy and should have recieved a certificate from an organization such as the Atlantic Guild for Past Life Awareness. Additionally, to practice professional counseling or social work in Maryland, individuals must be licensed or certified by the State. If a counselor is certified by the State, they should have the initials CPC after their name. If the individual is a social worker, the initials LCSWC should follow their name.

What is the goal of PLT?

The goal of the experience is to make what is unconscious but significant, counscious and complete. The unconscious is like a vast library of past memories, experiences, thoughts, and feelings. The individual has lost his ability to access this information in their personal library, so this unconscious karmic process can be completed, integrated, and prepare us for our future destiny.

How many types of Regressions are there?

There are three:

  1. Pre-Natal: re-experience your birth into your present body and life. This is excellent for addiction or substance abuse problems, answering the ‘what is your purpose’ question, weight problems, panic disorder, anxiety, and depression.
  2. Age-Regression: re-experience an event in this lifetime. This is excellent for abuse or victim issues, ACOA, poor relationships, grief issues, lack of success, survival issues, lost memory, and lack of money.
  3. Past-Life: experience a past life for growth and development. This regression can resolve a recurring pattern in your life, like separation/divorce, always being the protector, the helper, feeling trapped, betrayed, angry, burdened, or having to prove your worth or your loyalty.

Describe a typical session?

There are three parts to a session. The first is the interview where the client describes the topic they would like to experience. The second is the regression. The client generally works with their eyes closed so the unconscious process will be stimulated and the client will be able to utilize their imagination during the regression. The last part is the integration of the experience into the client’s here and now. This is where the growth and change take place. It is important to remember that it is the client’s experience and the counselor does not judge or interpret.

The self reports of client’s success, growth, and change have been tremendous. Perhaps you will utilize the process of PLT for your own growth and change because PLT works!!