Paul Sivert on the power in the rocks and stones of Mother Earth…

The Shaman communicates with all creatures – stones, animals, or plants – because of respect. In the communication process respect is a key ingredient, which influences the effectiveness of the message.┬áDiscover the power for yourself by learning how to communicate with the stone spirits.

The following is an exercise for you to try. The goal is to communicate with the stone people. Keep in mind the stone might be grumpy because humans, in general, have been somewhat disrespectful of stones for a long time. This exercise comes from the book Secrets of Shamanism by Jose and Lina Stevens.

This exercise will acquaint you with the spirit of rocks and minerals. Becoming acquainted with their spirit will automatically open up the channels of communication and therefore to their power.

Choose a rock, mineral, or gemstone. Better yet, let one choose you. The right rock for you will automatically grab your attention, even if it is not pretty to look at. It could be any rock, even a simple one found on the street. Let yourself be drawn to it. If you see it outside, always ask it for permission to remove it from its natural setting.

Sit down with the rock, mineral, or gemstone in your hands and study it carefully. Notice every detail: shape, color, temperature, and how it feels in your hand. Place the stone in your left hand and them close your eyes and ask it these questions:

  1. What are your specific properties?
  2. Is there anything you want to tell me?
  3. May I have permission to use your properties? How can you be of help to me?

Wait for the answers: take them at face value. If the information is confusing, ask for clarification. Ask, “What does that mean?”

If you happen to see the rock spirit with your shamanic vision or imagination, bear in mind that the spirit of the rock may look very different from its physical form. It may appear as a small or bright light of various colors.

Remember to thank the spirit of the rock when you have completed the exercise. You may repeat this exercise as often and with as many different rocks, mineral, and gemstones as you wish. The information you receive might be different with each one. Likewise, the information you receive from a specific rock might be different from the information someone else receives from the same rock. This is not a problem. Neither one of you has to be wrong. It is often the case that a rock affects each person in a different manner. What is appropriate for one is not for the other.

To follow is a list of stones with some of their major qualities:

  • Amethyst – rich stone of love, good fortune, and positive spiritual magick. Can indicate a new spiritual awakening.
  • Coral – strong protection against all kinds of personal misfortunes. Can indicate deep emotional turbulence.
  • Diamond – strong attraction to power, luxury, and wealth; also attracts friendships. Can indicate a relationship strengthening,.
  • Emerald – powerful stone for one’s present inner vision and psychic abilities. Can indicate negativity being averted.
  • Garnet – stone of honesty, truth, a purity, and compassionate benevolence. Can indicate overactive selflessness.
  • Jade – sacred balancing stone for overall harmony and personal power. Can indicate a need for spiritual serenity.
  • Lapis Lazuli – stone of connection to the spiritual realms between the worlds. Can indicate strong spirit guides are present.
  • Moonstone – stone of gentle passions and faithful, supportive love. Can indicate a need for greater receptivity.
  • Opal – somewhat tricky stone of mystical attunement and perceptive gifts. Can indicate superstitious beliefs.