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The Path I Took to Heal Myself

By Angelie Blesse As a single parent with a difficult relationship with my ex and many previous years of physical and mental abuse by him, I had been living a horror of child custody cases. I held uncontrollable anger at him for mistreatment, broken faith, and abuse toward myself and my young daughter. His Court […]

Power of Prayer

The following is a story from an article “The Wisdom of Native American Elders” from Shaman’s Drum #34, Spring 1994… This true story reminds us of the importance of honoring the power of prayer. In addition it is equally important to honor our own karmic path. Arvol Looking Horse, Keeper of the Sacred Pipe Arvol […]

Overcoming Resistance to Reclaim One’s Higher Purpose

Foreword by Paul Sivert… The story you are about to read is real and it may seem familiar to many of you. Its familiarity may trigger your own awarenesses of pain, trauma, and a feeling of loss that we come to realize exists in our natural essence. In the shamanic healing traditions we call this […]