Paul Sivert on psychopomp…

When I took a training program concerning Shamanism and Death, I learned about a technique called psychpomp. The objective of this procedure is to locate a stranded spirit and take that spirit to a better place in the realms of death. I have completed this type of shamanic journey many times. Recently I journeyed to an airplane crash site as my spirit guides had asked me to and I thought about doing such a journey because of the tragedy.

Before the journey, I prepared myself by smudging the room and myself. I also invoked the guardian and protective spirits from the six directions to assist in the healing process which would occur in the journey. Lastly I called my power animals to me, and all of them agreed to go with me on the journey.

We traveled to the place where the plane had crashed. There we were greeted by a very large Sea Serpent. The serpent appeared extremely angry and was spewing fire from its mouth. We explained our purpose for being there. Then the serpent told us, it was there as a spiritual representation of the many human beings that were lost at this place. The serpent also explained that the emotional charge of the waters, earth, plant life and animal life had been seriously altered by the violence that occurred. Additionally, regarding the humans that had died, almost all were angry or livid, in a rage that this was the end of their physical life and many were at a loss to understand their passing over to the other side. The Sea Serpent began to calm down and gave us permission to do our work of finding those who had died, but had not proceeded into the realm of death.

During this journey we made contact with four souls, a little boy, and older man, a woman in her 30s, and a teenage girl. All four did not realize they had been in an explosion and had died. However each accepted the psychopomp to move to the spiritual realms of death. I used a procedure that my first teacher taught me. I helped each deceased soul up a long flight of stairs that lead to a doorway filled with Golden/White Light. At the door we were greeted by Gabriel, chief of the Angelic guards of Paradise. The angel helped each soul to go into the Golden/White Light.

The individuals that received the psychopomp did not know what had happened to them. In their spiritual body they appeared confused, sad, and sometimes angry. The little boy was searching for his mother, calling her name and not getting any response. The older man was in a daze and immobile. He did not know where he was and appeared to be in an unconsciousness time warp. The woman in her 30s was crying for her husband who was not on the plane, and her child who was but could not find her. The teenager was in shock and standing in a ring of fire. Fire was evident throughout the journey. It seemed to be burning without any fuel, with flames shooting high into the spiritual realm. I had never experienced anything like this in any previous journeys.

After completing the psychopomps, we thanked the Sea Serpent and returned to ordinary reality. When I returned I felt somewhat sad about people that had died in such a violent way but a sense of relief that my spiritual beliefs and practices may help others to heal from their hurts.