Paul Sivert on life after death…

Have you thought about what happens when you die? I know you have, especially if you’re twenty years old or older. Teenagers believe they are immortal; they don’t think about death. But something happens when we get a little older, especially when certain life events are in our past like marriage, children, divorce, job change, career change, religious change. You know these events because you’re living through them now and every so often you think, ” I’m going to die.” That’s a fact that causes a lot of us to experience confusion, fear, and sometimes panic.

The feelings that we associate with the phenomenon of death are important to us because the feelings attempt to give form to something we know very little about, but all of us are going to experience. Furthermore, if we believe in reincarnation, it’s an event we have experienced over and over again. So what are your beliefs concerning death? Perhaps you believe you are only physical body and when the brain stops, that’s it, the end.

I believe we are four bodies or vehicles – physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual – and at death we make a transformation to our spiritual bodies, also known as our light body or soul body. During the Shamanism Death and Dying Workshop (discussed in the blog post by that name) we participants were charged with the task to travel to the first, second, fourth, and fifth realms of death. We skipped the third for no apparent reason except for the time constraint of the class. Our assignment was to journey to each level and learn about the nature and occurrence of souls/spirits of the dead, what they were doing, and what did they look like.

Level One: the colors were predominantly pink and gray. The souls/spirits of the dead were dark and greenish/gray shapes. Each was “walking”, moving very slowly from the right to the left moving very gradually upward (if a direction could be identified). The souls/spirits of the dead did not have the vibration to attain a higher level when their bodies passed because their physical bodies had been “used-up” by life and the spiritual connection between the physical and spirit vehicles was almost non-existent. There was no interaction between the souls/spirit of the death at this level between themselves or other spirits.

Level Two: the colors were predominantly yellow and gold. The souls/spirits of the dead were more shapeless, and contained more light. Many souls/spirits of the dead were in something like a bed, being attended to by other spirits with brighter, clearer light. It appeared that this was a healing place. The healees needed to be able to maintain a higher vibration before going on to the next level. The healers were helping in the process, volunteering their services. Again, there was little interaction between the souls/spirits of the dead and each other.

Level Four: the color was sky blue and the quality was forgiveness. The soul/spirits of the dead appeared to be ascending through this level very quickly. Some appeared to be in capsules or a vehicle together. They were being assisted by other spirits in their ascension. I could feel the processes of forgiveness, restitution, and restoration going on there.

Level Five: the colors were pink and gold. There was a tremendous feeling of movement. At this level, the souls/spirits of the dead had the history of their previous life taken. They were also being educated in the history of the world they had come from and the history of many other worlds. The souls/spirits of the dead were seen in light bodies, devoid of form. They were engaged in the communication of feelings and thoughts much different than the ones available to us. There was a feeling of a great change in consciousness, which is a natural part of this level. Some of the┬ásouls/spirits of the dead were preparing to return to lower worlds, while others prepared for various upper world “jobs” – the maintenance of energy.

The members of the class shared their journeys and the degree of similarity in description and experience was outstanding. The common areas of color, qualities, and activities by the ascended spirits and souls/spirits of the death was amazing. I have since journeyed to the third realm and have visited the realms as circumstances rose according to my or my client’s needs.