Paul Sivert on Shamanic Journeying…

In preparation for a workshop, I did a shamanic journey to receive pertinent information, either content or process. It is part of the preparation process that I was completing. The workshop was educational and experimental, focusing on Edgar Cayce – the psychic and medical telepathist – and comparing/contrasting his techniques with those of a shaman. The objective of the workshop was for each participant to get in touch with a spiritual message about receiving a healing for themselves. So I prepared for the journey.

I met my power animals and was about to embark on a lower world journey when I suddenly felt myself thrown down on the ground and I couldn’t – nor did I want to – move. I recognized that I was on a middle world journey because I had not traveled to another world.

I should break from the journey to give you a little information about shamanic journey. Basically, there are three worlds we journey to: the upper, middle and lower. In the workshop I teach how to journey to these worlds for insight, awareness, information, and messages. The journey is a vital aspect of shamanism. In fact one definition of shamanism is the ability to journey. Another aspect of the experience is to know that in the mundane world – at the time of this particular journey – I was in the process of getting a divorce, which has become extremely frustrating and upsetting.

So there I am spread out on the mother earth when a bunch of crows descend upon me. My chest opens up and my heart (which holds all the pain) is revealed to the crows. They hop up onto my body and begin to pick out pieces of my heart. The pieces are bright red, and it feels like my anger and rage are being taken from me. Then I knew and felt I was receiving a healing for myself which would be important to me and the workshop’s participants. The crows stopped their procedure and flew away. My power animals came to my sides and stayed with me giving me comfort. Then the sun came out, I felt and saw a golden beam of sunlight come down to my body. My heart was placed back into my chest by the golden light. I felt such a relief and so peaceful. I thanked the crows, sun, and my power animals for the healing and returned to the room.

This middle world journey, I feel, is an excellent example on how we can heal ourselves of emotional and mental pain, which we often see manifested on the physical level too. I believe we each have the capacity to heal ourselves, however many of us have forgotten how to do it. Therefore we seek a quick solution of a pill for the physical discomfort. Healing takes place on all levels: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.

A footnote… a couple of dates later, I went to a friend so she could practice her energy healing work. Predictably, she found the heart center to be very tight and not much evidence that the soul was there. It confirmed to me that the healing is still going on, and the soul has sought protection and I must continue to work to increase my spiritual energies until the healing is complete.