Paul Sivert on dream interpretation…

Dream #1

This Dream Corner is about a request to contact an individual who had recently died. Anne came to me and reported her grandmother had died suddenly in an accident. Anne is aware of the multiple worlds we have contact with and asked me to conduct a psychopomp for her grandmother. In brief, the shaman is to locate the spirit on the other side and help the spirit to move to a pleasant place in the Realms of Death.

I journeyed to locate the grandmother. She had been killed almost instantaneously in a car accident near her home. Her spirit was walking in a grassy area near her home. When a shaman encounters a spirit in this situation, you first need to assess the situation and engage the spirit. I began to talk to the spirit and soon found out the spirit was looking to find her home. She did not know she was dead. Therefore, I informed the spirit of the car crash and that she was dead. The spirit was not happy about her present location in the Realm of Death and wanted to go higher. I then assisted her to Level 2 where other helper spirits would be available to help the grandmother. She immediately felt better and she was surrounded by lemons. Grandmother spirit was receiving lemons and lemon juice which appeared to comfort Grandmother spirit. I left her there to heal from the traumatic car crash.

I told Anne everything about the journey and her grandmother was receiving the help she needed on the other side. Anne was pleased with the information from the journey and offered one comment: her grandmother’s body was cared for by Lemmon Funeral Home.


Dream #2

This dream was told to me by Lisa. She experienced this dream many years ago but the memories have stayed with her. She is in a pool of water with a girlfriend, the water is clear , above the sun is shining brightly. Then clouds begin to move quickly through the blue sky until one dark cloud emerges and positions itself above the pool. A piece of the dark cloud falls into the water and forms a pine tree. The pine tree is bare of its greenery. Its needles are crystal and Lisa’s friend takes some of the crystals and gives them to Lisa. The clouds begin to move again. The friend swims to the other side of the pool and she is joined by Lisa and they swim together into the pool. The dream stops.

The journey for the dream was a lower world journey. I found Lisa and her friend at the edge of the pool. The first message was to look at their bodies in water. The water was extremely clear and the women needed to be aware of what was happening below as well as above.

The dark cloud was not a warning but a vehicle for a messenger. The brown pine tree was a grandmother spirit for Lisa and she brought crystals to heal and boost Lisa’s energy. Lisa needed to rub the crystal on her body to feel their life enhancing power. Grandmother Pine Spirit brought other personal messages for Lisa.

The swimming with her friend was a message to get moving and to enjoy the closeness of the relationship.

Being in the water is a healing place for emotions. We need to remember that water has tremendous healing potential when used with the right purpose. I believe that the waters of lower world are extremely powerful in our spiritual healing.


I Can’t Open My Locker Dream

Mae is a 43 year old woman who has had a reoccurring dream of being in a new school, she feels lost, she cannot find the correct room nor her locker. Then she finds her locker but can’t remember the combination. She wanders around for awhile unable to find anyone to help her. When she finally finds someone, he at first won’t help and, eventually, after getting the combination, she can never remember it long enough to get the locker open. Then after a period of trying to remember the combination, she does, but the locker will not open.

I journeyed on Mae’s behalf to gain knowledge about the message she was receiving of frustration, loneliness, lack of concentration, and sense of failure. Prior to the journey, Mae and I had examined her present life where she had made a lot of changes in a short period of time. She had left her husband after twelve years of marriage and now she saw her children only 50% of the time. Mae had taken a new job that wasn’t what she was promised when hired and she was going through a spiritual transformation which she welcomed but found that everything happening at once was quite stressful.

I journeyed to the new school, which is Mae’s new life, where her new lessons are happening to her daily. Then I went to the locker, because something is inside but what is it. Instead of getting the combination, I took my power animal and went inside. There was a young girl inside the locker and she was frightened. When I asked her why she was there, she explained she was the part of Mae that felt guilt and hurt for everything that had happened to the adult Mae in the immediate past. She felt she had to hide in the locker because while married she had to hide her feelings and was not able to express herself.

We coaxed the little girl Mae out of the locker and brought her back to the adult Mae. Mae understood immediately the importance of feeling herself connected to all aspects of herself. She also recognized that her feelings of being alone and frustrated were old business and needed to be dealt with completely so she could move forward in the new school, without holding onto the old memories. Hopefully, Mae will welcome the many new happenings as well as forgiving herself for the hurts that occurred in the past. For there are never ghosts in the closet, just a part of us that needs forgiveness, compassion, and love.


The Feet Dream

Nancy is a forty-five year old woman who has experienced several dreams where the content is not clear but the feelings of anger, rage, betrayal, hostility, and violence are present and she only sees feet. She thinks there is a hidden abuse issue, but is hesitant to go any further on her own.

She and I re-experienced the dream together and she was able to reconnect to the memories of abuse, but she couldn’t identify who her abuser was. However, after reconnecting to memories of the physical abuse, she remembered her father’s obsession for clean feet and a special apparatus for cleaning feet he had by the bathtub. She is certain that her father abused her for many years. She was actually relieved with this newly remembered knowledge. Now she will be able to further heal this traumatic event.

Dreams can send us messages through the use of reoccurring symbols. It is important to let the messages come through and process the images to their completion. Too often we look for a quick interpretation, when the subconscious is being very deliberate in offering only pieces of information which we need to link together in an understandable package, through an organized process.


The Missing Thumb Dream

Cheryl is a thirty-four year old woman who has had a recurring dream of being at a shopping center with her mother. While going through a store Cheryl will loose her thumbs. Cheryl’s mother has a history of mental health issues and has physically and emotionally abused her daughter for many years.

Cheryl and I explored the dream together and she was able to get in touch with her issues of abandonment, of being left by her mother. The thumb is the part of the hand that grips. When we hold onto something with our fingers and thumb there is strength in our hold and security in the connection of our hand and the object. Cheryl’s dream showed her that the “hold” she had for her mother was weak and scary. Whenever she experienced the dream she would feel a sense of panic about losing her mother, of being lost.

We reworked the experience with the awareness that Cheryl’s mother was incapable of giving to Cheryl many of the emotional supports (holds) that Cheryl needed and wanted as a child. The awareness was also made that Cheryl, as an adult, is constantly placing herself in situations – especially with her husband – where she feels unsupported and insecure.

The insights from the dream process helped Cheryl to realize and ask for support from those people closest to her now. Her asking for support from others was an acknowledgment of her power and willingness to appropriately “grip” onto those people important in her life. Cheryl had developed a pattern of asking for security but rejecting it when it wasn’t constant. Often we will reject something we have been asking for because we have never had the experience of actually receiving what has been desired.