Paul Sivert following his advanced training in shamanism on the topic of death and dying…

I learned how to deal with the issue of death and dying from a shamanic perspective. The training experience was incredible and is detailed in another article, “Journey Through the Realms of Death.” However, I learned several skills which may be helpful to you or someone you know.

The first procedure is to help someone who is in the dying process and wants and needs to prepare for their passing. In this situation the shaman journeys on the behalf of the dying person and upon returning draws a picture. Then the shaman goes to visit the dying person, presents the picture, and works with the client to process the thoughts, emotions, and memories triggered by the picture. This procedure will help the dying person to better prepare for their passing into the next world.

The next procedure is called psychopomp. The objective of this procedure is to locate a stranded spirit and take that spirit to a better place in the realm of death. A client knows of someone who is on the other side. I journey to that person, find them, and ask them, “Are you happy?” If they say they are happy, I leave them there. If they say they are not happy, I take them to the next level. This has become a very important procedure because as a shaman, I establish a contact with a deceased spirit.

The last procedure is contacting a deceased spirit for information for the client. This is an extremely healing ritual and requires the shaman to locate a spirit on the other side on the behalf of the client. The shaman has to engage the spirit in communication to give and receive messages for the client. This is my second training in this type of procedure. The Integrated Awareness Technique taught by Connie Newton also prepares the counselor that engages in this type of spiritual healing exercise. Therefore, I had been doing a similar procedure for clients for years. This new shamanic training has increased my abilities to perform these spiritual healings with greater effectiveness.