Day: March 6, 2018

Journey to the Crash Site

Paul Sivert on psychopomp… When I took a training program concerning Shamanism and Death, I learned about a technique called psychpomp. The objective of this procedure is to locate a stranded spirit and take that spirit to a better place in the realms of death. I have completed this type of shamanic journey many times. […]

Is Shamanism a Religion?

From the desk of Paul Sivert… We define the practice of Shamanism as a family of traditions whose practioners focus on voluntarily entering altered state of consciousness in which they experience themselves or their spirits traveling to other realms at will and interacting with other entitles in order to serve their community. This definition comes […]

From Their Inner Wombs

Expanded Translations of Mathew 3:7, Peshitta of the Gospels… Ripe are those who from their inner wombs birth mercy; they shall sense the relief of all prayers answered. Ripe are those who from their inner wounds, birth compassion; they shall feel the delivery of unconditional love. Ripe are those who from their inner wombs birth […]

Hawaiian Shamanism

Paul Sivert on Hawaiian shamanic traditions and principles… The word shaman is derived from the Tungusic language of Siberia and is used as a convenient term by scientists and laymen to describe the practitioner of shamanism. In the Hawaiian language the term is kupua, a healer of relationships between mind and body, between people, between […]


Paul Sivert on the importance of Grounding… An essential technique for studying and performing shamanic-type exercises is the capability to ground yourself. The following is a method of grounding yourself, written by Jose and Lena Stevens in their book¬†Secrets of Shamanism. Begin by relaxing and closing your eyes. Take a couple if deep breaths. Then […]

The Great Invocation

Adapted by Paul Sivert, this is a great prayer to use on a regular basis… From the point of Light within the Mind of God Let the light stream forth into the minds of men & women Let Light descend on earth. From the point of Love within the Heart of God Let love stream […]

Death and Dying

Paul Sivert following his advanced training in shamanism on the topic of death and dying… I learned how to deal with the issue of death and dying from a shamanic perspective. The training experience was incredible and is detailed in another article, “Journey Through the Realms of Death.” However, I learned several skills which may […]

Dream Corner

Paul Sivert on dream interpretation… Dream #1 This Dream Corner is about a request to contact an individual who had recently died. Anne came to me and reported her grandmother had died suddenly in an accident. Anne is aware of the multiple worlds we have contact with and asked me to conduct a psychopomp for […]