Apr 08 2020


6:30 pm - 9:30 pm

Ayllu Monthly Gathering (Zoom Meeting)

SHI Ayllu



Due to COVID-19 We will be meeting through the Zoom app

The SHI Ayllu is a community of Mesa Carriers which was formed in April of 2005. Its mission is to celebrate the Andean cosmology in ceremony and sacred teachings and to practice healing service to the greater community and the planet.

Mesa carriers are invited to consider annual membership in the SHI Ayllu and to participate in monthly Ayllu gatherings.

Ayllu gatherings are typically the 2nd Wednesday of each month. Read more about Ayllu membership or pay your annual feeĀ here.

PLEASE RSVP to the Event Organizer via contact below so the space will be properly prepared.

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