Munay Way (Deposit Only)


Munay Way is open to those who completed Kawsay Journey and wish to expand their skills as a Shamanic Practitioner. Munay Way is a pre-requisite course for Shamanic Practitioner Training and Supervision. (Deposit Only)

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Munay Way¬†is designed for those who have¬†completed of Essentials of Shamanism and Kawsay Journey who are interested in becoming professional shamanic practitioners. The goals of this program are to become proficient in the determination of spiritual dissonance and the creation of effective and efficient healing ceremonies that embrace the tradition of the healer’s lineage.

The total fee is $1500. This $400 deposit confirms your commitment. The balance due may be paid in installments over the course of the class.

There are a total of 10 sessions that meet approximately every other week from the start date of the course.