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Are you new to Shamanism? We are here to support your curiosity! Start by visiting our education and online library section that is filled with information relevant to our practice.

Your Healing Comes First

A healing journey is a personal commitment. The Shamanic Healing Institute is open to all people who seek guidance, healing, or relief from spiritual unrest manifested in mental, emotional, or physical symptoms. The Institute provides healing services using techniques selected by the Shaman for their effectiveness and synergistic effect for the client.

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The Shamanic Healing Institute's mission is to heal and teach people through individual and group spiritual healing sessions, workshops, retreats, practitioner education programs, and products. Paul Sivert founded SHI to preserve the cross-cultural healing traditions and teachings, and to integrate them into an energy healing practice. The modern world erroneously labels shamanic practices as primitive. At SHI, Paul strives to preserve the knowledge and techniques that are being passed between generations through shamanic healers. He is continually discovering what has been forgotten within himself in order to provide service to others. Each of us has a spiritual body, also known as the soul. Energy medicine is intended to heal the soul. Healing the soul brings harmony to thoughts and feelings and restoration to the body's health. Just as one seeks healing and cures from medical or alternative healthcare professionals for physical and mental ailments, we invite you to seek energy healing and education services to heal your soul at the Shamanic Healing Institute. Please take a moment to click through this website. We know that you are seeking a new direction for your healing and spiritual growth. We hope you afford us the opportunity to serve you.

Are you ready to connect more deeply to shamanic practice? We offer seminars, workshops, and advanced practitioner training to support your shamanic understanding and growth.

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