SHI offers Events to encourage shamanic principles and practices in every day life. Events are open to all, regardless of level of shamanic knowledge, understanding, or practice. All events are offered for free, though donations are graciously accepted and appreciated. Your RSVP to the event coordinator is greatly appreciated so our space can be most appropriately prepared for your arrival. Please monitor the SHI Calendar for event schedules and other workshop and class offerings.

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Monthly Drum Circle

SHI’s monthly community Drum Circle includes drumming, healing, and shamanic journeying led by Paul M. Sivert. Please bring your favorite drum and rattle. If you do not have an instrument, you are still encouraged to attend and borrow an extra instrument from the community at large. These events are typically the 3rd Wednesday of each month.



Monthly Dream Group

Bring a journal of your dreams and process their symbolism using the spirit-inspired Albert Method™. Judy Pohl shares practical insight and tools for dreaming a better world into being. You choose content about which to dream for future groups. This is an exciting, contemplative, ongoing group designed to provoke a dream practice that will support the questions and answers you carry within. These events are held monthly but not on a pre-determined schedule.



Solstice and Equinox Despacho Ceremonies

SHI will facilitate four despacho and fire ceremonies in the energy medicine tradition to celebrate the solar change of each season. Bring a rattle and offering (something from nature) for the fire. Be prepared to be outdoors.