Patty Drew

Patty Drew is a Shamanic Practitioner who carries the confidence of a lifetime of growth opportunities with the gentleness of a heart ready to serve your highest potential. Patty embraces and develops her lifelong connection to the Spirit World with compassionate gratitude to her grandparents.

Patty is a gifted dreamer and seeker with over 25 years of study. Patty’s experiences with death and dying birthed an intimate knowledge of the soul body connection and the physical, emotional, mental, intellectual, spiritual levels of existence. As a Shamanic Practitioner Patty integrates her extensive understanding of soul connection in her personal shamanic practice, one-to one healings, and shadow work. She has received the initiations of the Pampamesayoq (Steward of the Earth), Altomesayoq (Practitioner of the People’s Medicine), Munay Ki Rites, Hatun Karpay (Munay Karpay)

Patty’s commitment to her own well-being and the unyielding desire to see others live their full potential is the source of the soul connection she develops with those who seek her counsel. Patty helps uncover the truth within, even if it is hidden.

Patty’s regular office hours are Tuesday through Saturday 11am to 6pm.