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Sep 13 2019 - Sep 15 2019


10:30 am - 7:00 pm

Ayllu Annual Retreat

Ayllu Annual Retreat

The 2019 annual Ayllu retreat will be announced soon. The retreat is open to SHI Ayllu members and their significant others.

The lodging and material fee is $TBD per person. There may be an additional cost for food purchase and reimbursement closer to or at the retreat.

**As soon as you are prepared to fully commit your attendance** PLEASE RSVP to the Event Organizer via contact below so lodging arrangements can be confirmed for the entire group.

Should you wish to arrive early or stay beyond our retreat, please contact venue per the information below.

Submit a $50 Deposit to Reserve Your Seat

Submit the Full $410 Lodging Payment

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