Introduction to Cross-Cultural Shamanism
This workshop explores the spiritual significance of the Number Three, common to all healing traditions. In this wisdom-based and experiential workshop, you will learn about Cross-Cultural Shamanism. You will learn from Paul's 20+ years of study, research and practice as a shaman. You will have the opportunity to journey to the spirit worlds, open your abilities of Divination and give/receive an energy healing.

ceremonialtextile Andean Shamanism
This introductory workshop is about Andean cosmology and Energy Medicine. You will learn about the two kinds of living energy, hucha and sami. This workshop also contains information about the three rules of living and the three aspects of life with their totem animals. You will experience a shamanic journey (a willful shift in consciousness) and an energy medicine healing.

The Divine Mother and Father
Paul will present a workshop in which you will engage the theme of "Duality". Andean cosmology teaches us that a mystical-magical duality exists in all of us. Inti (the sun) and Pachamama (the earth) are two sources of power in the Andean cosmology that represent Duality. In this active workshop, you will work with certain rock formations at The Mather Gorge on the Potomac River, near Potomac, Maryland. You will establish or deepen your relationship with the masculine and feminine spiritual aspects of Inti and Pachamama. You will experience Duality of the soul and life as you participate in ceremony.

This workshop will begin indoors at Shamanic Healing Institute in Historic Savage Mill. Then we will walk or carpool a place in nature with the intent of engaging with the spiritual aspects of Inti and Pachamama outside in nature. If weather permits the entire workshop will be conducted outside, so dress accordingly.

Shamanism and the Nine Dimensions

Paul will present 4 workshops with the intention that participants will receive the connection to the higher dimensional healing energies now available to us. The classes will feature shamanic healing ceremonies designed to provide maximum shifts in our consciousness and the further evolution of our soul. Participants will be encouraged to integrate the Dimensions into the art of perceiving the new world where we reside.



The Rainbow


The rainbow is a symbol of hope. Paul will present a workshop in which you will explore the mystical and magical Number Seven. This includes the seven colors of the rainbow, the healing rays, sources of power and more. This workshop includes a "medicine walk" (a walk in nature of up to two miles) along the Little Patuxent River. Please wear hiking boots, dress accordingly and bring drinking water). We will stop along the way to meditate and journey, connecting to the sources of nature. Like the appearance of the rainbow during the storm, our intention in this workshop is to re-set ourselves in "right relationship" to the sources of power that provide us with an unending supply of energy to engage in our responsibilities of daily living.

The Shadowshadow

Paul will present an experiential workshop to meet your shadow self. You will engage your shadow in a series of spiritual healing exercises designed to develop an ongoing relationship with this shadow. This workshop is the start of a series of workshops to bring integration of the duality of our soul.