Hello Paul,


In June 2011 you preformed a soul retrieval with me and changed my life considerably.  I was a shambles of dissatisfaction and distraction.  I now focus on peace and contentment for the final years of my visit to this realm.  Through journeying I have been given clear and concise direction with a remarkable ease of flow without obstacle.  Amazing!  My most productive knowledge comes from the upper world where I sit on the arc of a rainbow overlooking a wide green valley below with my power animal.

Within a year of my visit with you my husband retired early, we dissolved our life in Maryland and moved to Florida.  We wake each morning with enthusiasm for the adventure of the day and gratitude for every breath we take.  Thank you. Thank you. Thank you Shaman Paul, for your necessary role in the recovery of my inner spirit.  I will forever be grateful to you for sharing your spiritual gift with me.







Thanks for going to the deep, dark, horrible places to rescue my soul.  I can't tell you how wonderful I feel! I feel whole and complete for the first time in my life! And, here is the really weird part, I had an informational interview for my "dream job" at BNT yesterday.  It all just happened out of the blue. It is like the universe wants to reward me and I was blocked before, because it did not want me to be distracted  from healing.


Thank you, thank you, thank you!  You have done in 6 months what I could not accomplish in decades of therapy!!  I am in your debt!!




On October 9th 2011,  I attended your workshop at the Natural Living Expo, held at  UMUC.  I wanted to thank you again for taking the time to offer the workshop. I also want to mention, that on my spiritual path, I have come across many "shamans". Almost all of them were fake.  You, however, I got a very good vibe from and I thoroughly enjoyed how you opened and closed in prayer.  Not many do.  I felt the strength in your methods and the medicine flow around the room when you entered and began.     C. H



 "I don't know what you did, but I feel great!" That is a comment I made to Paul a couple days after a recent healing ceremony. As a former skeptic of Shamanism, I am continually amazed at the effectiveness of the Paul's techniques. I have now been studying Shamanism under Paul for eight months. Paul is a patient and knowledgeable instructor. As I am gaining a clear understanding of the methods of Shamanism, I am also developing a greater appreciation of Paul's skill level, experience, and the amount of time he has spent practicing and refining his skills. Healers and instructors like Paul are rare. I considered myself to be a healthy, happy, and effective person before looking into Shamanism. Since I have integrated Shamanism into my life I feel that I am more efficient, more purposeful, and more aware of the world I live in. My work and life performance have improved. A new dimension has opened up for me. I recommend Paul to my friends and coworkers, and I also recommend him to you. W.F.


After spending several years studying with shamans in the Amazon, as well as working with several readers/healers in the States, when I look for divination, Paul continues to be my go-to guy. Every reading assists in bringing clarity, and all if it has always resounded with my intuition (the mark I look for in readers.) A half hour with him and the spirits he works with can bring me back to the big picture, and calm any emotional turbulence a given situation may cause. He is immensely humble, and a role model of wisdom as I continue on my healing path. I was guided to him from the start, and am extremely grateful for him being in my life. Thank you Paul, for everything  :) - Meghan S. Fairfax, VA / Iquitos, Peru


Paul was the first person who wasn't daunted by the fact that I had only terrifying body memories; no words for what happened to me in childhood. He very skillfully, working alongside his spirit guides, retrieved my lost soul parts returning my memories and voice to me. Because of Paul's unwavering faith and confidence as a shaman and my perseverance in "coming back" I now have a life. As the song says, "I once was lost but now I'm found".    D.S.


Paul Sivert offers exceptional talent and skill balanced by modern day professionalism. Paul possesses a true and remarkable gift to heal and return wounded spirits to wholeness. In working with Paul, old pain has been resolved, vitality strengthened and a great sense of being in touch with my authentic self returned. Paul has a comforting, caring presence and creates a respectful, safe environment to do the work. He is a leading authority on shamanism manifesting a bridge for present day people to cross into their spiritual heritage. Paul's techniques work. Working with Paul is a positive, healing and perhaps most crucial, effective investment in your spiritual health and well being.


Dear Paul, Thank you for your wonderful healing again!!! Yesterday I went to the hospital for a mammogram and ultrasound. Everything is fine. :) They found a cyst,which is benign. I am very grateful once again for all the love, healing and support I receive from you. Much love, B.S.S.


Hi Paul,

I would like to give you an other update on how I am doing right now. I am doing Great ! ! !

My dreams are, well not always fantastic, but much better than before, I don't feel so depressed ... and if I feel sad, I am able to always connect with the flower in my heart which helps me to feel uplifted and happy again.

Paul, thank you so much for your beautiful and very hard work, you have helped me to change the way I see myself, life and the world. At the moment classical music is helping me to connect to love and joy all the time. Through that I am able to rise my own vibrations and connect to wonderful higher vibrations of spirit and the spirit world, I was able to receive messages already and when I send out healings, well it is very different than ever before, it is the healing love with real joy of life.

And for this, I really don't know how to thank you. Life is beautiful and I really hope you can see and feel that as well (I think you do, that's what your work is all about). Thank you for opening my eyes and my heart to this beauty.

May Joy; Love and Blessings always come your way.    M.B.