The Shamanic Healing Institute is open to all people who seek guidance, healing, or relief, from spiritual unrest manifested in mental, emotional or physical symptoms. The Institute provides healing services using techniques selected by the Shaman for their effectiveness and synergistic effect for the client.


Spiritual Healing/Counseling

The Shamanic practitioner uses healing ceremony and selects the most appropriate energy medicine techniques. The Shamans of the Institute have acquired many sacred healing rituals to facilitate the elimination of dis-ease and restore harmony and integrity. A typical session includes an interview/assessment of the concern/issue. The practitioner determines the location of the source of dissonance and then disengages the energy form. A healing ritual is performed to alleviate the discomfort, pain or symptom(s). Session(s) conclude with further directions and a blessing to complete the healing.


Divination is a reading by the Shaman of your soul’s luminous energy body. You are given information on your past, present, and future. Subjects addressed may include: Spiritual Growth, Finances, Health, Relationships, Career, Past Lives, Relocation, Soul’s Purpose, Soul Wounds and your questions. Available by appointment in the office or the distance healing format via phone or Skype.

Soul Retrieval

The intent of this ceremony is to heal soul loss by gifting soul elements, medicine gifts and a power animal to the Client.

Indication for soul retrieval is soul loss. Soul loss may be expressed by a person as feeling or shaman flowers thinking that something is missing, they do not feel whole or their empty inside and they do not know how to get it back, though they have tried other therapies or intervention strategies. Behavioral health intervention does not heal soul loss. There are wounds to the soul due to experiences in the person's life that causes a part of their essence to be shut off to them, or lost to them in some way. At times, someone may make an erroneous, unconscious bargain to give a piece of their soul in exchange for what is perceived as necessary to their survival, i.e., love, attention, protection, etc. It is important to understand that these decisions usually are not thought of at the time as involving the soul and may not be made consciously. They often occur at a very young age without a conceptual understanding of the bargain being made. Additionally, a person may not remember when a piece of their soul was taken or "lost."

Soul loss may occur in the present life or may be carried over from a past life. It is safe to say that most people will incur some amount of soul loss throughout their lifetime, though most often it is out of the person's awareness. Soul Retrieval is a healing process of returning the energy the essence of you and what is yours back to you. It is possible for a person to function without knowledge of what is missing.

Traditionally, it is accepted that only Shamans initiated into a Shamanic tradition and trained in the application of the soul retrieval ceremony are qualified to perform soul retrievals. It is recommended that others not attempt this procedure. The function and responsibility of the Shaman is to know where to journey to the most appropriate spiritual landscape for retrieving the energy of the person's missing soul or essence so it may be retrieved and gifted to the person.

Soul Retrieval Ceremony is a complicated healing process that brings positive outcomes to the person mentally, emotionally and physically, and often takes more than one session to accomplish. I have been providing the Soul Retrieval Ceremony with incredible wonderful life changing outcomes for years. If you think or feel you have Soul Loss contact me at Don't delay! The Soul Retrieval Ceremony has the potential to heal and change your life now.


Extraction is the removal of a spiritual intrusion from an individual that manifests as the existence of a chronic condition, usually in a physical form. The Shaman performs a healing ceremony with you to extract (remove) the spiritual intrusion(s). Extraction may be performed on homes and work settings.

Past Life Regression Therapy

The objective is to heal a karmic lesson by utilizing past life, age, pre-natal, or dreamtime regression. The regression technique has been found to be an effective method to access memories from the unconsciousness, that when processed create a holistic shift in consciousness.

Distance Healing

Distance Healing - A distance healing ceremony utilizes an energetic process where the shaman is in one location and the client is in another. As the shaman is familiar with healing energy, they may conduct the ceremony with the knowledge that the client will receive full benefit of the ceremony. Many healing ceremonies can be adapted to the distance healing format. For example the Divination Ceremony and a shamanic journey for the client have proven to be effective in this manner. Paul can determine, with the spirit guides, if the ceremony can be conducted through distance healing. He has provided distance healing ceremonies for many years for people throughout the United States and Europe. Available via phone or Skype.


Rites of Munay-Ki

The Munay-Ki are the 9 Rites if initiation to become a person of power and wisdom. The Rites are from the body of knowledge of shamanism. Specifically, the Rites transform and upgrade the luminous body (your soul’s energy body). Munay-Ki is available to everyone who has engaged their path of spiritual enlightenment. The Rites are presented in ceremony over 3 sessions.


Curse Removal

Curses are real. Sadly, sometimes we curse ourselves with negative words and behaviors. We may feel a sourse outside of our immediate awareness is sending an interferring energy to victimize us. A curse might be directed by another individual to harm us. Shamanic ceremony is conducted to terminate the curse form the source and return power and protection. Blessings are real, as well.



Ancestral Healing

We are connected to the ancestors by biology, territory and spirit. Therfore, we are a result of their genes, karma and soul’s development. Some cultures place little emphasis on the awareness of our ancestoral tree (we are a leaf on that tree). Healing the wounds of our ancestors is a transforming spiritual quest on which we can undertake. To stop a karmic pattern of dis-ease in your family is a true soul’s purpose through ancestral healing. The Shaman utilzes the wisdom of the Ancestors to facilite the healing.

Despacho Ceremonies

The Despacho is created in ceremony to be used as an offering for a specific intention. SHI offers despacho ceremonies with the following intentions:

  • Honor Pachamama (Mother Earth)
  • Honor the Apus (Spirit of the Mountain ) and Stars
  • Sell a business or home
  • Attract a new relationship
  • End a bad relationship
  • Change a negative situation
  • Attract a new home, business, or job
  • Celebrate a happy occasion
  • Bring good luck and love to yourself


Special Ceremonies

Special ceremonies can be created for almost any rite of passage or life event. Listed below are just a few examples:

  • House Blessing
  • Office or Workspace Blessing
  • Property Cleansing