SHI Retreats are very popular events. Each SHI Retreat begins with the group gathering on a Saturday evening to participate in ceremony throughout the night ending at sunrise. The SHI Retreat is conducted in the context of the Medicine Wheel, or what we call Sacred Space. Each SHI Retreat participant is presented with a variety of ceremonial activities: healings, shamanic journeys, meditations, dream-work, movement or dance, past life healing, sweat lodge/dream lodge or other group activities to promote healing, and a meaningful, growth full spiritual experience. Each retreat is designed by Paul through his journeys and meditations prior to the event.

Summer Solstice Retreat

spring equinox

Date and Time for 2013 TBD


Please join us for one of The Shamanic Healing Institute's most poplar Ceremonies. This is a powerful spiritual event filled with healing and spiritual experiences that last throughout the night. It is open to everyone.
SHI will facilitate an overnight outdoor retreat conducted inside the Medicine Wheel.

Retreat participants are active all night with healing ceremonies conducted at the four directions, a Sweat Lodge ceremony and a Vision Quest is planned.

This retreat ends with a dawn ceremony, followed by breakfast.

Location: Annapolis, Maryland

Fee $135 Ayllu Members receive a 10% discount.

Call to register.
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