Drum and Rattle

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How to Use This CD

People have utilized the Shamanic Journey for thousands of years to interact with the Spirit Worlds, to learn, to heal and to grow. The intention of this recording is to facilitate a Shamanic Journey therefore it was completed in Ceremony.

Please note: Do not listen to this CD while driving.

The Shamanic Journey is a willful shift of consciousness, which allows the journeyer to experience another world of spirit. Prior to commencing, decide upon your intention: a question or a specific purpose about which you are intending to journey.

When you have your intention, decide to which of the three Spirit worlds of nature you are going to journey: Upper, Middle or Lower world.

  • The Lower world journey: To journey to the Lower world, initially visualize an opening in the earth such as a hollowed-out tree, cave, small crevice, the bottom of a pond or lake, or something you can visualize entering a tunnel and sliding down into the earth.
  • The Middle world journey: To journey to the Middle world, initially visualize an aspect of the three-dimensional reality in which we live. Focus your attention to the present and then let go of your consciousness so that you can move to another location in this reality.
  • The Upper world journey: to journey to the Upper world, visualize leaping into this realm from a cliff, a mountain, a tree, or asking an eagle or another large bird to fly you to the heavens or the realms where the angels and ascended masters reside.

Once you have decided on your intention which of the three worlds you are going to visit on the journey, next you prepare to do the journey.


  • Eliminate distractions, noise, and perhaps dim the light.
  • Lie down on the floor or other stable surface. You can do a Shamanic Journey in your bed, but you want to guard against falling asleep.
  • Place the CD player nearby or use a remote control so that you can listen to one track of the CD for your journey. You may listen to more than one track during a shamanic journey session it is really up to you.

After you have decided on your intention, where you are going to journey, and have prepared your room, lie down on your surface, cover your eyes with a bandana and begin the CD. Initially, you will visualize your entry point into the other world of consciousness and focus on what the drum or the rattle. Allow the beat and the vibration of the instruments to carry you to this other world of consciousness. You may have some initial thoughts, but release your awareness of these conscious thoughts to become aware of the other deeper sources of sensation.

You may receive information in three different ways. You may see or hear or feel the sensations of the spirit realm. When there is proper intent the spirit world will be friendly and helpful to the Shamanic Journeyer. Remember to engage the spirits as the present themselves. You might be projecting to them a conversation, or asking them questions for information for yourself. The spirits that you engage can be quite playful. They might not answer your questions directly, but will give you a metaphor, a gift, or some type of sign that pertains to the intent of your journey. Don't be discouraged if you do not get all of your answers on your first journey. It may take several journeys with same intent to achieve or receive all of the information you seek.

The final part of your journey is the "call back". It is time to make your return trip back to the room that you started from. The first change in the vibration is to signal you that your time is up on your Shamanic journey. You will then hear a very rapid vibration of the drum or rattle beats to bring you back. The last series of vibrations is for you to bring your consciousness fully back to the room where you started.

Most people journal their Shamanic Journeys. You will find that if you are an active Shamanic Journeyer, that certain trends and certain signs in the spirit world will eventually become familiar with you. This is called becoming familiar with the landscape.