Divination and the Shaman's Art of Seeing

In October 1999 Paul Sivert completed the Four Winds Masters training in Divination.


I participated in a six day training program to bring a greater understanding and to increase my skill level to see what is being created in the world with all of its magic and mystery. As many of you know, I have practiced the intuitive technique of Integrated Awareness for many years. Many of you have received readings via this technique. At this point in time, I am now integrating the two techniques to create a divination reading that is far clearer and certainly goes farther into the future than prior readings.

The program taught me how to see beyond the cultural trance that defines the way we heal, the way we age, the way we love, and the way we die. I am now able to penetrate doorways that were closed and experience an objective reality to reveal to you information and knowledge about your life and the expression of your creativity. During this program I had to disconnect from ordinary patterns of perception and be able to see what is also known as the process of making divine. I know that you will find the readings and the information from these readings to be helpful in your own personal growth and healing. I will be applying this divination work in the spiritual healings that I provide. With the coming of the next millennium, it is an excellent time for you to get a divination reading. If you so choose, please call me at , and schedule an appointment for a divination reading that can be done in person or via the telephone.